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Economics of any country is connected with oil products in one way or another, and this concept is unlikely to change in the nearest future. Human needs are constantly growing, while hydrocarbon resources remain limited and non-renewable. Its extraction from the depths of Earth is the natural reason of unrecovered oil transition into hard-to-recover resources. That’s why this issue is so essential today. Good example of this is “shale gale” in the USA. In plenty of cases the most effective method of enhanced oil recovery is considered to be hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing is based on the effectiveness and simplicity of moderating the pressure created by liquid, which penetrates in natural fractures and expands them.

After all the possible attempts to explore the features of implemented liquids and pumps, there has been relevant and up-to-date the problem of getting the information about fracture development and characteristics.

The measures of effectiveness are length and conductivity: the longer is fracture, the greater is success. Achievement of the best result is possible only with getting a full picture of producing processes. The path to success lies in Geomechanical Analysis.

The main aim of our project is creation of School of Geomechanical Analysis affiliated with Tomsk Polytechnic University for rising the accuracy of orientation and size estimation of fracture and, consequently, collaboration with oil and gas companies by the end of our Master’s Programme.

With relation to globality and complexity of chosen theme, it’s rationally to limit the research by concrete geological conditions of one oil field for the purpose of clearer goal orientation.

The project will include:

-     Promotion of creating such school in TPU;

-     Analysis and summation of theoretical and practical aspects;

-     Evaluation of ongoing estimation methods;

-     Collaboration with specialists and modification of length and conductivity finding techniques;

-     Result publication in different scientific journals;

-     Partnership with oil and gas company.

The project has to correspond with the master dissertation; solve the problem of accuracy of orientation and size estimation of fracture; engage talented students from other areas; popularise project activities.

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