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Developing of complex method to assess technical and economic parameters of anti-turbulent agents effect on pipeline system

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  Due to intensification of oil and gas consumption, international transport companies widely apply special polymer additives (anti-turbulent additives, ATA, drag reducers, DRA) to enlarge pipelines capacity. At the same time, anti-turbulent additives enhance flow capacity with no significant changes in pipelines systems. The energy effect together with simple montage schemes and installation tools attract Russian transportation organizations.

  Despite broad usage of polymeric drag reducers by companies, specializing in transport of crude oil and oil products, there is still no consensus on the way to evaluate flow parameters improved with polymer additives. The aim of this project is to develop complex method, which will allow assessing technical and economic parameters of ATA effect on pipeline system. To acquire the engineering method experimental data will be analyzed. The result data will be then used for empirical simplification of known strict mathematical models.

  The method will allow complex analysis of future and reconstructed pipelines from the position of energy and money profit. The project is targeted at such Russian companies as Gazprom, GazpromNeft, Transneft, Rosneft. Collecting data on the nature of vortical structures in flows defines scientific significance. The end product is a complex method for evaluation of additives’ impact on flow parameters

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Полина Мозгалева
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