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Filtration reducers of drilling fluids based on modified starch

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Modern drilling technologies allow us to build deep wells with long horizontal sections to achieve a big oil & gas production rate from any well. However, a modified cellulose, which is used in drilling fluids, is not suitable for high quality completion of wells. It does not guarantee required filtration properties for fluids and therefore it contaminates oil reservoirs. Our research focuses on methods to improve these parameters.
Starch is not considered as a complete replacement of modified cellulose in most studies, although it has a great potential because of its production cost and chemical properties. The aim of our project is to modify starch to achieve higher filtration properties in comparison with cellulose. The project will consist of four stages: the first is to synthesize and analyze reagents, after which we can select the best modified starch to do lab tests with a model of a drilling fluid. After successful lab tests, it is important to make field tests to ensure that our reagent is suitable for a drilling process. As an outcome, the result of the project will be a new modified starch-based reagent with a technology of its manufacturing. After the end of the project we expect to patent the new reagent.

Project members
Полина Мозгалева
Максим Сухарев