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Device for automatic testing of digital integrated circuit

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Digital microcircuits are very common in electronics. Such microcircuits can be tested in industry environment, but it is not easy to do on the spot. The existing testing devices have many disadvantages and are inconvenient for private use. Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop and design a new device for testing digital microcircuits that will be compact, universal and easy to operate. The device will be connected to a computer equipped with special software that will reference to a specialized database with instructions for testing digital circuits. The software will have a user-friendly interface to control the device. The device will be able to check all available series and types of microcircuits. The database also simplifies the operation of the device for its users.

The operating principle of the device is as follows: the tested microcircuit is placed in a special slot; next, this microcircuit is referenced to the database in the software; then the device runs the tests in an automatic mode; finally, all tested parameters are displayed on a screen. To produce a ready-made testing device, the project team should perform the following tasks. At first we should create the database for software. Next, we should develop the software and testing instructions based on the data in the database for certain microcircuits. After that we start designing the circuitry of the device. The tasks can be run in parallel to reduce the execution time. This device will simplify verification of digital circuits irrespective the location and skills of the user. All you need is only a computer.

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