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Suspended PAC

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The number of polymers used in drilling is increasing every year. Mostly, companies use them to reduce a filtration rate and change rheological properties of muds at different shear rates. However, capabilities of modern polymers are limited due to their low dissolution rate. This leads to drilling troubles and losses of polymer materials in mud treatment systems. This research aims to develop a reagent that can provide the same properties of muds as an ordinary polymer, but with a higher dissolution rate. This will not only eliminate disadvantages of modern polymers, but will also expand their applicability.

To achieve this goal, first we will select a special non-polar liquid that has no effect on important functions of muds. The second stage in the research will be to ensure a sedimentation stability of a polymer suspended in the non-polar liquid. After completing these stages, we will perform laboratory and industrial tests that will prove an efficiency of the reagent. This should produce a special form of reagent - a suspended polymer with a high dissolution rate.

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