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EEE Master's students awarded a grant of 267 thousand rubles.
Thursday, July 9, 2015

EEE Master's course students Anastasiya Zaykovskaya and Andrey Goponenko designed the project of the "Scientrium Junior Academy of Sciences" for high school students of Tomsk. As members of Tomsk Polytechnic University team, these students took part in the Vladimir Potanin Foundation's summer school held in Khimki from June 29 to July 4. They presented their project of the "Academy" to the Foundation's experts, and it won in the "University Community" category. Now they will be awarded a grant in the amount of 267 thousand rubles to carry out the project in our university in the coming year.

The students noted that school graduates enrolling in universities often have insufficient training in research and development or completely lack it. Their project's goal is to create a database of school leavers who possess certain  research skills and ensure the inflow of such applicants to the university. During an academic year they plan to develop a system of university research teams engaged in actual research that would include school students, a Master's degree student as a tutor, and a scientist from the university staff. At year-end, research team members will present the results of their work to the scientific community during contests or conferences.

Andrey and Anastasiya agreed to share their impressions. 

Andrey Goponenko:

Before the School there was a total overload with studies and other things, so I had practically no time to think about what to expect. Several hours on the road and we were there. In the School we were welcomed by two nice, though tired, young ladies at the reception, and as soon as we looked around and witnessed the scope of what's going on, we were given badges, which were – attention! – two-sided. After that, I realized that everything would be held on the highest level, and wasn't mistaken!

First, the School tried to kill everything in our project that we held so dear and cherished for the month before it, but we gave up quick and tried to enjoy the event :) And that was the right thing to do! Our relationship crisis with the coaches and the visible reality was overcome and the world shone with new colors. We understood the PROBLEM that our project deals with. After that, everything went swimmingly: we knew what exactly we wanted to do while dealing with this problem yet before the School. Indeed, this is what's coming to you if you happen to be There with your project, so brace yourselves! ;) During the School we attended around 7–8 workshops and coworking spaces, talked to 10+ coaches, engaged in mind-boggling reflective discussions until 2 a.m. and slept for like 4 hours afterwards, tried to get acquainted and make friends with the 300 other Potanin fellows, which resulted in some really cool stir, singing to guitars, and talking until mornings; we were arguing and making up quickly, seeing sunrises, creating-creating-creating, and we won in the end!

I can say that we lived through a whole happy life there, because nothing else existed for us, and after this you are not the same person anymore! They say this one will last a long time!

p.s. They also have a boat party. It is worth getting there!

Anastasiya Zaykovskaya:

This summer I had a chance to join in with Potanin fellows. I knew firsthand that they were extraordinary people, but didn't fully realize what's so special about them. From the start, we agreed with the rest of TPU guys that we were going to the Potanin Summer School to return with a grant. We were hard at work yet back in Tomsk but had no idea of what awaits ahead. During a very busy week, I and the team jumped through a lot of hoops. We pumped up our project, tested our efficiency, and went through a real lot of stuff together; all these trials were small steps to our victory.

An unforgettable impression was left by the moment during the awards ceremony, when the compère asked: "Who do you think is the winner in the "University Community" category?", and the hall started to chant: "Scientrium!" In moments like this you realize that everything was done right.